The Zen of Joy Bonuses


THANK YOU for buying The Zen of Joy!


Be assured: You are off on a wondrous journey. This journey is great fun. It is sacred. It is a joy in and of itself…all of which is true…if you make it so.


All the tools you need are in the book.


These bonuses are to support you on your journey. You can use any or all of them right away or at any time during your “Joy Journey.”


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The bonus links are below. Enjoy.


May Joy, Love and Laughter be with your always.









1. “Happy for No Reason” and “Love for No Reason” author Marci Shimoff video interview on “The Happiness Set Point” and how we can raise it naturally and easily. Also a “Heart Math” exercise to boost your immune function for up to 6 hours.


2. The Role Of Emotional Release in Joy. Video interview with Dr. Terry Willard, one of the top herbalists in North America. PLUS the Mayan Prophecies clarified. Hint: The prophecies indicate it is important to increase our level of joy both for ourselves and for the planet.



3. The Role of Forgiveness in Accessing our Inner Authentic Joy. Video interview with Connie Domino, the author of “The Law of Forgiveness.”



4. Laughing Your Way to Joy. Laugh with Matti daily with this healing Laughter Yoga Video.



5. “Eliminate the #1 Belief that Blocks Your Joy” online session by Morty Lefkoe.