The Zen of Joy: How to be 31% More Productive

The commonly accepted strategy for happiness is broken and backwards.

How to be 31% More Productive,

Make 19% Fewer Mistakes

& Make 37% More Sales*

Scientifically Proven Formula Shows How

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Matti Anttila, Author of The Zen of Joy and 108 Tips for More Joy Energy and Health


 *Three separate scientific studies show that when we are happy, we are 31% more productive, make 19% fewer mistakes & sales people make 37% more sales when happy. (Source: Shawn Achor)

Goal setting does not make you happy. Being successful at reaching goals is no guarantee you will be happy.


The problem? When we reach a goal, we immediately have other goals to take its place.


We land our dream job, now we have to get a better one. We get promoted, now we have to aim for the next promotion.  We buy a car, soon we have to get a newer, better one. We buy a house, now we have to renovate or trade up (or down) to another one.


In other words, your happiness is always on the other side of yet another goal!


This formula has pushed happiness over an eternally unreachable horizon.


90% of your long term happiness is predicted not by your external circumstances, but by how your brain processes the world.



Change the Formula and be More Successful.


If you are happy first, you can have more fun, reduce your stress levels, improve the quality of your life, AND be more successful.


Rewire Your Brain for Happiness and Success…in Only Minutes a Day!



My name is Matti Anttila. I’m the author of The Zen of Joy and 108 Tips for More Joy, Energy and Health.

I can tell you this: You too can have the happiness, joy, bliss and success you so richly deserve and have been striving for all your life.



… Even If Nothing’s Worked For You In The Past. . .



These 24 Simple Steps Can Transform Your Life



Happiness, Joy, Bliss and Success are Your Birthright



In Just Minutes a Day, These Easy-To-Apply New Habits Can Rewire Your Brain for Happiness and Success



Hard to believe? Let me prove it to you. Just imagine what it will be like to wake up every morning and know you hold the “Master Key” to Bliss. You will feel a warm glow in your belly because you’ve finally found the keys to achieve limitless Bliss, Joy, Energy and Abundance.



And the best part is, once you complete my program, you will be firmly in control of your own happiness.



And even after you finish the program, all it takes is of 22 and a half minutes a day to maintain your Bliss  and: “Personal Heaven On Earth.”



You see, this is unlike any program you’ve ever heard of or bought.





Because it’s As Easy As “Falling In Love.”


Some of you may remember the Buddy Holly song: “It’s So Easy to Fall in Love.”



That’s exactly what I discovered about Joy and Happiness. “It’s So Easy to Fall into Joy.”


At one of our regular Laughter Yoga classes, we did an exercise where participants faced a partner and one partner smiled while the other did their level best NOT to smile.



One person asked what was the purpose of that exercise? She answered the question herself when she said: “It was painful not to smile.”



And that is the discovery that I made:



Our Normal Way Of Being Is Actually Painful.


We are taught to be serious, because: “Life is serious, don’t you know. I have to earn a living and I’m stressed out. I have to bear down and work hard and there’s no a time to be frivolous.”



It’s painful to live this way! And when we are in pain, it’s hard to get things done.



The Latest Scientific Research Has Shown That We Can Be More Successful By Being Happy First!



The myth we have been programmed to believe is this: Work hard to achieve your goals and then you can be happy.



The problem with this model for happiness is: IT DOESN’T WORK!! This model is broken.



Scientific research proves:



               Those Who Are Happy First, Find It Easier To Achieve Their Goals.



But, how do you get happy with all these problems?



“There’s not enough month at the end of my money. Not enough time to do all the things I have to do…never mind want to do. There is so  much to do at work that I’ll never get it all done.



I’m stressed out and can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. I seem to be on a treadmill: get up, go to work, come home, have dinner, watch some TV, go to bed and start all over again the next day.



Not only that, but the world is full of challenges; Climate change, wars, famine, crime and political strife.



How can I be happy in the face of all that?”



It may seem an impossible task, but also it may seem irresponsible to be happy in a sad and miserable world.



Actually, the opposite is true.



If We Are Happy And Joyful, Then We Radiate Joy And Spread Happiness.


That seems to me like a “Higher Calling” than perpetuating sadness and misery.


The good news is we can feel joy, be happy and bathe in a sea of bliss. We can do that and we should.


The good news also is when we are happy, we are more able to help a sick world. We are better equipped with tools and techniques to get things done…including helping to ease some of the misery in this world.





You Will Be More Successful By Being In Bliss!!!


The great news is: it’s easier to be in bliss than to be stressed, sad and/or miserable.



“The Zen Of Joy: How to Rewire Your Brain For Happiness and Success. Minutes a Day to Boost Your Performance Productivity and Profits.” This is not about more information. “Falling into Bliss” is not about reading more books, attending more self development and spiritual seminars and so on.



What stops you is the information you already have that isn’t working for you. The limiting beliefs about happiness and joy…the rules you have picked up and been conditioned to believe in over a lifetime. These rules about what you need to do and what you need to be in order to feel joy and bliss and happiness.



These rules are not the rules, they are your rules. Unnecessary rules that have nothing to do with being a good person. Rules that many people, happily for them, do not have.



Are You Ready To Break Your Own Rules?


If it means “Falling into Bliss” and having the joy and happiness you have been craving all your life?



When you apply The Zen of Joy System, you will explore and delight in:



– A 5 minute system to be Happy 24/7


– A 13 second habit throughout the day to stay plugged into the Happy 24/7 protocol.


– A 3 minute protocol to Lift Money Worries forever


–  A 1 minute day system to stop the stress hormones and produce the “feel good” hormones


– A 4 second protocol to immediately change into a “positive state” anytime, anywhere.


– A 6 second habit that immediately relieves stress


– A 5 minute practice that:     

* Releases the feel good hormones such as endorphins,


* Increases oxygen supply to the organs, allowing them to do better,


* Reduces stress,


* Helps eliminate harmful toxins from the body,


* Can help lessen anxiety, which can cause many health problems,


* Helps to normalize blood pressure,


* Helps you to be more alert without a caffeine fix,


* Can increase your energy after a tiring work day,


* Can help you focus better when you have too many things to do,


* Can improves blood circulation so your bones and muscles get more nutrients, and


* Can even relieve pain, like when you stub your toe.


– A powerful, joy inducing “Mindful Meditation” practice that takes zero seconds a day because you do it in odd moments while waiting in line


– A 1 minute protocol (really only about 2 seconds once you master it) that immediately “locks in” the positive emotions around completing a task and primes the pump for your next task or challenge


– A 2 minute easy-to-do small change that produces huge results in your positive outlook on life…no matter what is happening around you


– A 1 minute practice so powerful it shut down a hospital for the criminally insane, by healing 28 of the 30 patients


– A two and a half minute “breathing meditation” that supports and helps to “lock in” the habits you have learned so far


– A 20 second “incantation” that magnetizes you to receive more of the good in life


– A 60 second process to release 3 of the biggest negative subconscious beliefs many of have been programmed with


– A 1 minute “Voice Exercise” that lifts your spirits and supports the Joy you are now feeling every day


– Advanced work/play that “primes the pump” to release the blocks to receiving abundance in all its forms…love, relationships, money, career, business.


– Creativity exercises that you do during the day, taking no extra time, but producing those feel good hormones at will whenever you want


– Leading edge exercise programs producing the physical fitness you have wanted all your life in only minutes a week


– Another “It-only-takes-a-few-seconds-throughout-the-day” practice that plugs you in to your inner source of power and healing (Hint: we all have this, but few of us use it for healing)


– 3 problem solving protocols when you really find yourself stuck…tap deeply into your intuition to cut through the stickiest, knottiest, gnarliest challenges. (Hint: You have the resources inside you to handle whatever shows up…otherwise, God/The Universe/The Great Spirit would not have sent it to you…here are the tools you need to meet those challenges head on)


– A quick first-thing-in-the-morning practice to release the love inside you and magnetize you for ever increasing amounts of love


– A super quick and easy habit that takes no extra time to dramatically improve your relationships


– A powerful change of a simple habit to truly bring out the best, most courageous, most effective parts of you to the fore


15 minutes from now, you could have mastered the first protocol that gives you happiness 24/7 and…

And 168 days from now, you could be basking in the warm glow of continuous Bliss, Joy, Happiness, Energy and Feelings of Abundance and this very letter could have been the defining moment of your life…

Or… you could fall into the sea of people who let yet another life-changing opportunity pass them by…

The choice is yours.

Let me explain…

For decades, I have been researching anything and everything to get to the source of happiness and joy.


It started during my “hippie” days, with “herbs” and other supposedly mind-expanding substances. I stumbled on to Transcendental Meditation, Ashtanga Yoga, Vita-Flex, Kung Fu, Judo, Aikido, Tai Chi, Qigong, Herbology, Nutrition, exercise, energy work, Laughter Yoga and a host of other disciplines.


All of these seemingly diverse practices contributed to the path that led to feeling Bliss most of the time. You will notice I said “most of the time.” This is a path that you and I are on and I get knocked off it occasionally, just like you. But, there is a…


Quick Way To Get Back To The Path, To Balance And To Bliss.


The tools and techniques I have developed for my own use allow me to quickly get back into Bliss whenever I fall off the path.



Now you can now plug into those very same tools and techniques (which I call protocols) without the decades of research that I went through. 


These tools allow virtually anyone to:


Instantly Overcome Even the Most Stubborn, Longstanding Negative Beliefs and Emotions–And Transform Them Into Bliss!


And… what I’ve discovered… literally… continues to blow my mind, time and time again!

Now, this might not make me the most popular guy for saying this, but I honestly believe that you don’t need to go through years and years of…

-Writing affirmations
-Thinking “positive”
-Trying to “get passionate”
-Endless goal setting
-Assuming that “massive action” will solve everything
-Working harder…

…just to attract success into your life! You see, most people work very hard and take lots of action, yet never attract the happiness they deserve.


In fact, when it comes to happiness (and success), I’ve found that…


Almost Everyone Attempts to Get Happy The HARD Way!


But here’s the good news: There is a much, much easier, more enjoyable, and infinitely more effective way.


In fact, after decades of research, I’m absolutely convinced you can…


Get into Bliss and Happiness Within Minutes…AND be More Successful in ALL Areas of Your Life.


I know. It sounds absolutely insane, doesn’t it?


The reason it sounds crazy may well be because we are still operating under a myth that is broken. The myth that says become successful first and then you will have happiness.


But, as the famous author Deepak Chopra is quoted as saying:


“The secret to attraction is to love oneself.”


And listen. If this wasn’t working for me, I’d think it was just a bunch of “New Age Woo Woo Stuff” myself.

But the fact is, it works. Once I started practicing this simple set of “energy protocols”…


   Incredible Success Started to Flood Into All Areas of My Life!


What stokes me up no end is that others can use these protocols to get the same results.


When you learn this system, you’ll:


* Dramatically increase your happiness, your joy, your energy and your bliss


* Get in touch with your intuition which can give you solutions to many of your “problems”


* Develop an overwhelmingly positive outlook on life


* Find and experience a new way of being that literally changes your world for the better


* Find new-found clarity about exactly what you want


* Have a “do-it-yourself” healing system that you can practice anytime


* Be able to release stress and anxiety anywhere, anytime


* Find a new richness and fulfillment in every moment


 * Become a “love magnet” as you radiate positive energy and love, you will find it comes back multiplied many times


Rewire Your Brain For Happiness, Joy, Bliss and Success


Imagine if you could reprogram your brain and create an “Automated Happiness GPS” that continually moved you toward your joy, happiness and bliss.


The reason you are not in bliss at this very moment is because your subconscious mind is trying to protect you. You see, it’s those programs that were installed, those beliefs that form your “truth.”  It’s not your fault. It’s just that part of you is programmed to keep you “safe.”


Most of us use a “Default Operating System.” It’s the system our parents gave us. And it’s the one their parents gave them.


Unfortunately, it’s a lie. A faulty system. A glitch in the hard drive. One based on illusion, passed down from generation to generation. And really, it’s an “Automatic Misery GPS!”


What no one told you is that any disruptions that we experience in life are simply disruptions in the energy field. And once you create your “Automatic Happiness GPS”…


You become 100% “optimized” for entering bliss beyond belief!


You literally “flip a switch” that tunes into a “joy frequency”… that just can’t be stopped!


Ever Wished You Could Just “Turn Off The World?”


Well, now you can! With these protocols, you are just moments away from bliss at any time, anywhere.


To say you’re getting some quality “bang for the buck” doesn’t even begin to describe what I’m offering here.


The real value is the astonishing feeling of joy and happiness you’ll achieve once you use the system.


Just imagine, most people spend their entire lives in the “pursuit of happiness.” Chasing after money, status, fame, love, houses and cars and NEVER achieve this state of bliss, joy and happiness.


Listen, there are both rich people and poor people who are unhappy. AND there are rich people and poor people who are happy.


The great secret is:


The Happier You Are, The More Joy And Bliss You Feel, The Easier It Is Have The Physical Riches Of The World As Well.


We really have put the cart before the horse.


This is an entirely new way of living, to…


A truly joyful existence!


As you can see, the course itself is priceless. If you had to put a lifetime value on it, it would easily be worth tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.


I’ve been told to sell it for at least $97.


But, I want to make sure EVERYONE has access to this, so I have decided to make it easy for all at a fair price of $47.


My personal confession about The Zen of Joy.



                                            It Isn’t Just About Feeling Good.



Of course, if you use The Zen of Joy and follow the instructions, you can’t help but feel great.


But ultimately The Zen of Joy is about…



Clearing Your Blocks To Fully-Empowered Conscious Living


Empowering You To Heal Yourself AND Be A Positive Influence To Those Around You


Spreading the “Automatic Happiness GPS” around the world…and creating a better future for everyone


It’s about releasing virtually every block you have toward prosperous, conscious living… and… changing the world in the process.


It’s about who you are… how you live… what you say… and what actions you take. That’s the real power of this system: it translates into all areas of your life.


At this point, you’ve got to be wondering only one thing…


Will The Zen of Joy work for me?



-Will I feel bliss?


-Will I be able to relieve stress and anxiety wherever I am?


-Will I be able to get into a “positive state” whatever I am doing?


-Will I increase my energy to deal with the many challenges I face?


-Will I reprogram negative subconscious beliefs?


-Will I actually and really “Lift Money Worries…forever???


-Will I feel more positive about life?


-Will I look forward to facing my problems head on?


-Will I feel a close connection to others and yes, even feel more love?


The answer is a resounding YES!


The only question left is…


Are you ready to finally change your state to one of Bliss? Or will you, like most people, allow your fears and doubts to sabotage your success?


The funny thing is, if you do still have fears, you’ll learn how to release them on the course.


It would be a shame, would it not, to not invest in the very system that releases your fears… all because those blocks aren’t allowing you to take action right now?


The choice is yours to make…right now.


Now, if you still feeling fear around this, let me help you out. I know how stubborn those emotions can be. So…


Let me make it easy. I do want to make this an absolute no-brainer for you. Why? Because I really do believe this system can bring the regular experience of bliss into your life.


Here’s the offer: Invest today and you can own The Zen of Joy for just $27.


I want everyone to have this and I don’t want YOU to miss out on the opportunity to feel joy, happiness and bliss in your life..


But you do have to order right now.


My friends and clients are telling me this is worth way more than the $97 they advised me price it at.


I want to keep the price at $27, but I’m just not sure I can.


So, do yourself a favor: order now and don’t take the chance.  Order right now.


Purchase The Zen of Joy manual and register your purchase to receive these free gifts:

•    ”Happy for No Reason” and “Love for No Reason” author Marci Shimoff video interview on “The Happiness Set Point” and how we can raise it naturally and easily. Also a 2 minute “Heart Math” exercise to boost your immune function for up to 6 hours.

•    The Role Of Emotional Release in Joy. Video interview with Dr. Terry Willard, one of the top herbalists in North America. PLUS the Mayan Prophecies clarified. Hint: The prophecies indicate it is important to increase our level of joy both for ourselves and for the planet.

•    The Role of Forgiveness in Accessing our Inner Authentic Joy. Video interview with Connie Domino, the author of “The Law of Forgiveness.”

•    Laughing Your Way to Joy. Laugh with Matti daily with this healing Laughter Yoga Video.

•    “Eliminate the #1 Belief that Blocks Your Joy” Online session by Morty Lefkoe.
Why all these bonuses? To give you more tools to access your joy. Joy fills our beings if we choose to access it. You can do it too, daily and in abundance. These extra tools make it even easier.


Matti Anttila. Zen of Joy Instructor & Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher


P.S. Can Rewiring Your Brain really be this easy? As easy as falling in love? Yes! It really is just easily changing some habits. I did it. So, there is no reason that you can’t too. When I “plugged into” this set of habits, I wanted others to have this bliss too.



P.S. #2: This is your chance to use a system that can transform your life: More Happiness, More Joy, More Bliss and yes, More Success! A system you can use, time and time again. But you must decide to order now.



P.S. #3: My price is far lower than it should be (just because I haven’t yet been persuaded by the “experts” who tell me I’m short changing myself). I do reserve the right to raise the price to a more “reasonable” level any time I choose. So please, give yourself the authentic joy you deserve… don’t delay any longer… and order right now.



P.S #4: There is a substantial saving on the ebook version, if you prefer.




“A beautiful, joy-provoking antidote to the law of attraction
– an exhortation to feeling good before all else and all else
will follow, the schema well-organized and presented,
this book will turn you on to a deep stream of well-being
and all else will follow.” -Barefoot Doctor (Stephen Russell)


“The Zen of Joy Protocols are complementary to Laughter
Yoga. They help to systematically build an inner joy that
serve as building blocks to finding our calm, undisturbed
centre in the middle of storms of every day life.”
-Dr. Madan Kataria, Author and Founder of Laughter Yoga



“…the latest scientific studies show that we may have our
best chance of addressing the challenges of the modern
world by first being happy…This is not to say that we
should become selfish in a way that excludes others. As
Matti shows in one of the protocols, the process of giving
to others is one of the sure fire ways to quickly increase
our own joy.” -Dr. Terry Willard ClH, PHD.
Director of Wild Rose College of Natural Healing,
Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Author of 12 books


“Time is the great equalizer. We all have the same number
of hours, minutes and seconds in each day. Therefore,
anything I undertake I want to use leverage and get the
highest return for the smallest amount of time expended.
The Zen of Joy shows how to invest only minutes a day to
tap into our joyous nature. Joy and bliss may seem frivolous
to some but the reality is when we are having fun is when
we can be the most productive in our chosen field. Being
“on a roll” or “in the flow” means we are plugged into the
Universal Energy. The question for many is how do you
get on a roll in the first place. The Zen of Joy protocols are
a great way to answer that question.”
— Dr. Joe Vitale, author, Attract Money Now.



The Author
Matti Anttila is a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and
author of “108 Tips for More Joy, Energy and Health”
who found joy in laughing. He uses Laughter Yoga as the
trampoline to bounce into many other areas to enlarge that
joy. He was bursting at the seams to share this joyful journey
with others. The Zen of Joy Protocols are the result. Matti
lives on the west coast of Canada and plays/practices
Meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, Laughter Yoga,
Ho’oponopono, Hawaiian Huna and whatever else his
intuition leads him to.