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Minutes a Day to Rewire Your Brain for Joy

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         Matti Anttila

Author of: The Zen of Joy and 108 Tips for More Joy, Energy and Health

“…we may have our best chance of addressing the challenges of the modern world by first being happy.” -Dr. Terry Willard ClH, PHD. Founding Director of Wild Rose College of Natural Healing, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Author of 12 books


Is it really possible to be happy first, BEFORE we reach our goals?


Joy Consultant and Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Matti Anttila shows you how.

Recent research shows that we are more effective in our work and personal lives if we find a way to be happy first.

“I have no time” is the outcry from most living in this 21st Century rushed lifestyle.

While many books address happiness, The Zen of Joy is the first to create a program that:

Takes only minutes a day.

* Dramatically increases your happiness, your joy, your energy and your bliss


* Gets you in touch with your intuition which can give you solutions to many “problems”


* Develops an overwhelmingly positive outlook on life


* Creates a “do-it-yourself” healing system that you can practice anytime


* Gives you newfound clarity about exactly what you want

* Gives you tools to release stress and anxiety anywhere, anytime


And creates an “Automated Happiness GPS”


The main reason why many are so busy and have little time is they are pursuing their dreams (or struggling to stay afloat).


What is the ultimate goal of all of the dreams we have?  Happiness.


Now, you can have it in only minutes a day.


This is the shortcut to happiness, joy and your dreams.

Purchase The Zen of Joy manual and register your purchase (to the right) to receive these free gifts. (Valued at $125.00). It’s like a full audio course for the price of a manual.


•           ”Happy for No Reason” and “Love for No Reason” author Marci Shimoff video interview on “The Happiness Set Point” and how we can raise it naturally and easily. Also a 2 minute “Heart Math” exercise to boost your immune function for up to 6 hours.


•           The Role of Emotional Release in Joy. Video interview with Dr. Terry Willard, one of the top herbalists in North America. PLUS the Mayan Prophecies clarified. Hint: The prophecies indicate it is important to increase our level of joy both for ourselves and for the planet.


•           The Role of Forgiveness in Accessing our Inner Authentic Joy. Video interview with Connie Domino, the author of “The Law of Forgiveness.”


•           Laughing Your Way to Joy. Laugh with Matti daily with this healing Laughter Yoga Video.


•           “Eliminate the #1 Belief that Blocks Your Joy” online session by Morty Lefkoe.


Why all these bonuses? To give you more tools to access your joy. Joy fills our beings if we choose to access it. You can do it too, daily and in abundance. These extra tools make it even easier.


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 “…the latest scientific studies show that we may have our
best chance of addressing the challenges of the modern
world by first being happy…This is not to say that we
should become selfish in a way that excludes others. As
Matti shows in one of the protocols, the process of giving
to others is one of the sure fire ways to quickly increase
our own joy.” -Dr. Terry Willard ClH, PHD.
Director of Wild Rose College of Natural Healing,
Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Author of 12 books


“Time is the great equalizer. We all have the same number
of hours, minutes and seconds in each day. Therefore,
anything I undertake I want to use leverage and get the
highest return for the smallest amount of time expended.
The Zen of Joy shows how to invest only minutes a day to
tap into our joyous nature. Joy and bliss may seem frivolous
to some but the reality is when we are having fun is when
we can be the most productive in our chosen field. Being
“on a roll” or “in the flow” means we are plugged into the
Universal Energy. The question for many is how do you
get on a roll in the first place. The Zen of Joy protocols are
a great way to answer that question.”
— Dr. Joe Vitale, author, Attract Money Now.


* Three separate studies uncovered by Happiness Researcher Shawn Achor show these results when people are happy first.


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I look forward to connecting with you as your Journey into Joy unfolds.



P.S. Are you guaranteed to be in joy and bliss and happiness all the time?




There is no way to guarantee this.


Listen. Even though The Zen of Joy protocols only take minutes a day, you still have to do them!


The “instant gratification” society we live in would have you believe you can get anything quickly, easily, without effort and at the snap of the fingers.


While The Zen of Joy is designed so you only have to spend minutes a day to get the results…results like feeling more and more joy more and more of the time…I have to be honest.


Some of the protocols can bring up uncomfortable feelings and your job will be to move through them rather than avoid them.


Let’s be clear: The Zen of Joy is not for everyone (nothing is…surprise, surprise). It is only for those who are sick and tired of being unhappy and/or not reaching their full potential. It is only for those who are finally willing to stop the struggle and be willing to release the self-imposed blocks to a fulfilling and joyous life.


The good news, no the great news is: The Zen of Joy protocols are easy to do, they are fun and they are do-able.


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